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100 Places that Will Change Your Life

National Geographic, July 2016

Unfurling east from the foothills of the central Andes, the Mendoza region is often called the next Napa Valley. It's a magnet for wanna-be oenologists, only here, the purple black grape Malbec is king. Now a cooperative in the Uco Valley, The Vines of Mendoza invites DIYers to try barrel tasting and blending wines to create their own varietals in hands on workshops.

Eat Mendoza

National Geographic Traveller (UK), September 2016

I'm in the middle of a vast vineyard in the Mendoza wine region and fire surrounds me. It's 11 am, a tart Torrontes is already open and I'm at The Vines Resort & Spa. I'm about to have a cooking class from the chefs at Siete Fuegos - one of the restaurants of Francis Mallmann, Argentina's most famous chef.

Sip & Ski in Argentina

New York Times, June 2015

Now through September, during the South American winter, Vines Resort & Spa will team up with Powder South, a heli-ski company, to offer skiing by day, sipping by night. Four-day packages include three days of private heli-skiing in small groups of four per guide, as well as overnights, meals, ski or snowboard equipment and ground transportation. Serving as a ski base in the Uco Valley, the 22-villa resort occupies 1,500 acres, most dedicated to grape growing, and features a restaurant from the Argentine celebrity chef Francis Mallmann.

New York Times - Heli-skiing

Best of the Best

Robb Report, June 2014

Debuted in January in Argentina's celebrated Mendoza wine region, the 22 villa retreat echoes and embraces its surroundings with rough-hewn stone walls, porches with fire pits, and floor to ceiling windows that frame the vineyard vistas.

A Gaucho Guide to the Land of Malbec & Grilled Meat

Food & Wine, June 2014

With a gaucho by her side, F&W’s Megan Krigbaum explores Argentina’s Uco Valley, a once-overlooked region that now offers spectacular wines, fantastic resort and seven different way to cook with fire.

Hot List 2014

Conde Nast Traveler, May 2014

At The Vines, legendary chef Francis Mallmann sources many of his ingredients locally—after all, locavorism has always been a part of life in rural Argentina. The property’s restaurant, Siete Fuegos, or “Seven Fires,” alludes to his philosophy of open-flame cooking ... You can even play winemaker by purchasing a plot of land on-site whose cultivation is overseen by the resort’s agronomist. What better excuse to keep coming back?

American Starts a Luxury Resort to Share the Argentina He Loves

New York Times, January 2014

Enamored of Argentina, Mr. Evans and a friend decided to start a business selling vineyards. The company would do all the work — planting, harvesting, blending and bottling — for investors who want to create their bespoke wine. He initially bought 100 acres in the Uco Valley for about $500,000. The area, about two hours south of Mendoza city, was largely undeveloped. And the terroir — the land, the soil and the altitude — offered the potential for high-quality wines.

Southern Comforts

Robb Repport, January 2014

“Our first goal,” he said, lowering his lens, “was to make great wine. It turns out that the views are also mesmerizing.”

Three New Resorts for a Perfect Winter Getaway

Architectural Digest, December 2013

Nestled among 1,500 acres of vineyards in Argentina’s Uco Valley, the 22-villa Vines Resort & Spa beckons oenophiles with wine-making classes, grape-infused spa treatments, and the open-flame cuisine of renowned Argentine grillmaster Francis Mallmann.

Winemaking Made Easy For Mendoza’s DIY vintners

Financial Times, November 2013

The hard work – the maintenance of the vineyard, the harvest, the fermentation process, bottling and labelling, and the tedious logistics of exporting the final product to a chosen location – will all be done by The Vines of Mendoza staff. The fun parts – choosing what kind of grape you want to grow, devising your own name and label for the wine, and of course drinking it – you can do yourself.

A New Wine-geared Resort In Mendoza, Argentina

Departures Dispatch

When Michael Evans, co-founder of the new Vines Resort & Spa near Mendoza, Argentina—which celebrates its grand opening on New Year’s Eve—first visited the vineyards-rich area in 2004, he found the openness of the winemakers refreshing. “Its like talking to the artists versus seeing the finished product, ” he explains

Own a Part of A Mendoza Vineyard, Or Just Stay At One

Afar, January 2013

At the Vines Resort & Spa, guests can watch the sunset from a lakeside deck or dine at Siete Fuegos restaurant, run by grill master Francis Mallmann. The Vines was the first Mendoza wine company to offer vineyard ownership opportunities, and now travelers-turned-vintners return regularly to tend their vines.

Better Than Bordeaux? A New Crop of Hotels In South America's Wine Country

Condé Nast Traveler, February 2013

...In Argentina’s Mendoza Province, Vines Resort & Spa sells small plots to amateur oenophiles: You can develop your own vintage with the help of an in-house wine consultant. Vines’ glassy villas have Andes views, and the spa is ideal for unwinding after a hard day of tasting...

Hottest Travel Destinations of 2013

Travel & Leisure, January 2013

Uco Valley Argentina: Will this sunny expanse outside Mendoza City become Napa South? New hotels are making it easier to sample the region’s Malbecs and Semillons: Francis Mallmann—the Argentine Thomas Keller—runs the kitchen at Vines Resort & Spa.

Five Wine Estate Vacations, January 2014


Wine and adventure don’t normally go together, but that’s the alluring combination you’ll find at this lush South American mega-estate that opened in December 2013. Hop on a horse and take to the pampas with a gaucho concierge, or choose between helping punch down a fermenting tank of grapes or planting vines, depending on the season.

The Vines Resort & Spa · Elite Traveler, July 2014

Why We Love It: With the Andes Mountains on one side and the rolling green fields of the Uco Valley on the other, this suite is totally ensconced in nature.

The World’s Top 100 Resort · Robb Report

The Uco Valley’s emergence as Argentina’s next big wine destination owes as much to the region’s undulating, Andes-framed landscape as it does to its acclaimed Malbecs and Bordeaux-style blends. The new Vines Resort and Spa—a 22-villa wine lodge that opened in the Uco Valley last year—adds world-class accommodations to the area’s growing list of attractions.

Condé Nast Traveler announces 2014 hotel 'hot list' · CNN

At The Vines, legendary chef Francis Mallmann sources many of his ingredients locally—after all, locavorism has always been a part of life in rural Argentina. The property’s restaurant, Siete Fuegos, or “Seven Fires,” alludes to his philosophy of open-flame cooking ... You can even play winemaker by purchasing a plot of land on-site whose cultivation is overseen by the resort’s agronomist. What better excuse to keep coming back?

The Expat: Michael Evans · Buenos Aires Herald, March 2014

“The first time I came to Argentina was in 2000 for a business trip and I was in Buenos Aires for 36 hours. But I loved it. I had a five-hour lunch at Cabaña Las Lilas, finishing up with Malbec and cigars it was like going back in time".

Travel: Wine Crush · Town & Country, April 2014

In Argentina's wine country, a destination for oenophiles of all levels—from malbec lovers to those who dream of creating their own vintage.

Top 5: Mendoza Vineyard Hotels · Departures, April 2014

A magnificent addition to thriving Uco Valley, The Vines Resort & Spa is the latest development at this 1,500-acre vineyard ownership project. With luxury around every corner, from lakeside decks to outdoor bathtubs and an infinity swimming pool overlooked by the Andean foothills, 22 bespoke villas make up this vast complex.

Vines of Mendoza Hotel and Spa — Mendoza, Argentina · Vines of Mendoza Hotel and Spa — Mendoza, Argentina

For those who travel to Mendoza with the intention of authentically experiencing the culture, drinking nothing but the most fabulous wines of the region, and enjoying a superlative level of service, they should make their reservation at the Vines now. These 22 private villas are guaranteed to be in high demand by international connoisseurs of 'laid–back luxury' who recognize the value of this special vineyard hotel experience.

A Stunning New Wine Retreat in Argentina · Urban Daddy, January 2014

Raise a glass to The Vines Resort & Spa, a few hundred acres of Mendoza wine country where you can live like an Argentine Dionysus, taking reservations now.

A Chat With Michael Evans of The Vines of Mendoza · The Huffington Post, November 2013

Almost a decade ago, on his first visit to Mendoza, Michael Evans realized that the culture of making wine in Mendoza was as marvelous as the wines themselves. He joined up with two of the province's leading lights, Pablo Gimenez Riili and Santiago Achaval, to offer a unique concept: private vineyards and winemaking for owners from around the globe, all managed locally. The Vines of Mendoza has since grown into a wine and tourism phenomenon.

Travels and Treasures · Celebrated Living, November 2013

Give your favorite epicurean a getaway that’s soon to be on every food and wine lover’s wish list: a visit to the newly opened The Vines Resort & Spa, located at the foot of the Andes in Argentina’s perennially sunny Uco Valley.

No More Years in Provence · Sunday Times, September 2013

Set in the Uco Valley, with views of the Andes, the Vines of Mendoza is a 1,000-acre wine estate with a brand-new resort where one-and-two-bedroom villas are under construction.

The Vines Resort & Spa Brings Luxury to Argentina's Wine Country · Elite Traveler, July 2013

Wine connoisseurs will have the opportunity to travel outside of their usual stomping grounds when The Vines Resort & Spa opens in the Uco Valley outside of Mendoza, Argentina, this December.

10 Amazing Moonlight Dining Experiences From All Over the World · Just Luxe, May 2013

At The Vines Resort & Spa winery in Argentina, the Siete Fuegos restaurant welcomes guests to the vineyards for a traditional outdoor asado, grilled with flair by Chef Francis Mallmann.

10 Amazing Moonlight Dining Experiences From All Over the World · ABC News, May 2013

At The Vines of Mendoza winery in Argentina, Siete Fuegos restaurant welcomes guests to the vineyards for a traditional outdoor asado, grilled with flair by Chef Francis Mallmann.

Di-vine Dwellings - Living Off the Vine at The Vines of Mendoza's Top Winemaking Communities · Centurion, April 2013

Estate owners can get involved with the nitty-gritty such as taking soil samples, fermenting and even designing labels at the on-site winery ... one estate owner’s vintage has been awarded 90 Robert Parker points: Solo Contigo Malbec 2010.

Siete Fuegos Asado - Mallmann's Latest Enterprise · Centurion, March 2013

Located at the foot of the majestic Andes mountain range, Mallmann's special grilling touch is given to various meat cuts as well as seasonal vegetables and seafood. Think butter-soft fillet slathered in spicy chimichurri, salt-crusted salmon or tender kid topped with salsa criolla, followed up by just-picked peaches charred to succulent oblivion.

Francis Mallmann Sets Mendoza on Fire - Fe · The Mendoza Sun, February 2013

With seven different fires burning, set in the stunning vineyard and mountain-scape of Tunuyan, the new outdoor Siete Fuegos restaurant is not only a masterpiece of nature but also one of Argentine chef Francis Mallmann.

Chef Francis Mallmann's First L.A. demo · LA Weekly, November 2012

This superstar chef with three restaurants in Argentina, another set to open in March, one in Brazil and one in Uruguay, quietly slipped into Los Angeles for his first cooking demo here.

Sip, Savor and Spa at The Vines Resort & Spa · Wandermelon, November 2012

A new luxe vacation residence to open this spring in Argentina’s most prestigious wine region with fire master chef Francis Mallmann.

Julia Moskin Attends New York Francis Mallmann Event · Grub Street New York, November 2012

A rooftop lunch in Soho where the Argentinian chef Francis Mallman was demonstrating his "seven fires" grilling method — had read about him but never tasted the food. There was a huge setup, including charcoal and mesquite log ...The food was terrific. Skirt steak with the best chimichurri I've ever had, sweetbreads, whole rib eyes cooked slowly until they were as tender as pot roast, garlicky mushrooms, beets, sweet potatoes.

Francis Mallmann Joins The Vines of Mendoza Resort · New World Review, November 2012

After naming the grill master and author of the book Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way the executive chef of Siete Fuegos, the restaurant at the Vines Resort & Spa in the Uco Valley, the Vines of Mendoza took the famed chef on a whirlwind tour of several US cities.