The Bar & Cava

Wine and conversation are a natural pair, just like our Bar & Cava (wine cellar). Join us in this relaxing gathering place for friends and family, with plenty of cozy corners for two. 

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From our Cava, we’ve built an extensive wine menu with hundreds of the best Argentine labels. Choosing can be a delightful dilemma, and our Sommelier will draw on their deep knowledge of wines from around the world to guide you. Our Sommelier has also created a menu of rotating wines by-the-glass to showcase local winemakers and offer guests intriguing tasting opportunities. To top it off, we feature a selection of wines crafted by our vineyard owners, which just might inspire the hidden winemaker within you!

The Bar offers hand-crafted cocktails, artisanal beer, seasonal blended juices and a cocktail menu that evolves throughout the year, in sync with our region’s bounty. Try Argentina's famous Fernet, request your favorite concoction, or nibble on seasonal small plates.